RiMS 2021 Deadline extension

Deadline extension: 31 May. Urban Parish Communities in Medieval Europe, 1049-1545 Call for papers is open till 30 April 31 May. We invite the submission of unpublished, original research work to RiMS 2021. The second RiMS meeting will congregate around the subject of communal organisation in the European urban parish from the Gregorian Reform toContinue reading “RiMS 2021 Deadline extension”

2021 RiMS Meeting | dates

• Call for papers open from 15 February 2021 thru 31 May 2021• Applicants will be informed of decision by 15 June 2021• Papers submitted by 31 October 2021• Seminar in Coimbra on the 2-3 December 2021• Post-seminar manuscript submitted for peer-review by 31 January 2022• Final version of the manuscript submitted for publication byContinue reading “2021 RiMS Meeting | dates”

RiMS 2020 programme

The first meeting (26 and 27 November) will discuss the linkage between production and trade across several European regions over an extended timeline. Factors such as technical and technological innovation, and advances in the productive sector will come under analysis as they connected with the development of merchant and commercial networks, and of economic markets.Continue reading “RiMS 2020 programme”

Deadline extension

Deadline extension: 20 March! Please hurry!! LAST CALL for RIMS 2020, Production and Commerce in Europe, 1100-1550 (Porto, 26-27 November 2020)! See the call for papers here!


Call for papers open from 10 January 2020 thru 28 February 2020 Applicants will be informed by 31 March 2020 Papers submitted by 30 September 2020 Virtual seminar on the 26th and 27th of November 2020 Post-seminar manuscript submitted for peer-review by 31 January 2021 Final version of the manuscript submitted for publication by 30Continue reading “Dates”

Call for papers

Production and Commerce in Europe, 1100-1550 Porto, 26-27 November 2020 Call for papers is open till 28 February 20 March The RiMS Meeting invites research papers on how technical, productive, organisational, commercial, and mercantile innovations stimulated economic growth and the expansion of international trade from the twelfth century to the early sixteenth century. Recent historiographicalContinue reading “Call for papers”


The past decade has witnessed a marked increase in medieval studies. Younger scholars have, in general, benefitted from doctoral and post-doctoral funding, besides collective research programmes. This, along with the experience and know-how of established academics in countless departments around the Globe has helped to foster this renewal. Results have been ground-breaking in many topics.Continue reading “About”

About RiMS

The Research in Medieval Studies (RiMS) is conceived of as an ongoing series of yearly meetings whose aim is to bring scholars of different academic and geographical backgrounds together to open, or otherwise continue and direct, historiographical debate on key issues in medieval studies, while helping to establish outstanding research that is both innovative and comparative.

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To send your proposal to RiMS 2020, and for all your questions concerned our event, please contact us:

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